The Quin Murphy Foundation was featured on San Diego’s own KUSI news. Brian Murphy, the Foundation founder and president, discussed his new book, Losing Quin.

Losing Quin chronicles the months leading up to Quin’s death. From multiple ER visits and doctor appointments to numerous misdiagnoses and ignored treatment. Murphy details the process within the HMO healthcare system that churns patients through quickly, only to pacify them with unnecessary tests and prescriptions. He exposes the incompetent practices within the system and encourages patient advocacy. “Be alert,” Murphy said. “…we must trust our instincts.”

During the interview, Murphy discussed The Quin Murphy Foundation, which was founded as a legacy for Quin. Through the Foundation, scholarships are handed out each year to deserving students who hold the same passions as Quin, who have overcome obstacles, or who are pursuing a career in the medical field.