The Quin Murphy Foundation was honored with the public debut of the song “The Boy Who Taught Us All” – written by a friend of the Foundation, Chris Moore.

Moore, a professional drummer and songwriter, recently signed to the national tour of the Broadway musical, Rock of Ages. As an author, Moore penned, Speed Mechanics for Drums. After reading the book, Losing Quin, he was inspired to combine his talents and write the song as a tribute to Quin. The lead vocals were performed by Quin’s cousin, Liam Galleher.

We thank Moore for his unwavering support and for dedicating his talents to such an amazing song.

“It’s hard to comply and rely on the kindness of people we never met

The boy gave us lessons in life and we learned we forgive but we never forget.”

Lyrics and Vocal Arrangement: Chris Moore
Music: Trevor Moore
Vocals: Liam Galleher
Background Vocals: Angela Moore and Jaron Moore
Guitar: Trevor Moore
Bass: Jaron Moore
Drums: Chris Moore
Mixed: Jaron Moore